Alarm Monitoring

Setting Up 24/7 Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Richardson Fire Equipment provides 24/7 commercial alarm monitoring services for all types of businesses throughout North Texas. Including:

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Contact Us to set up alarm monitoring for your business.

Managing Your Alarm Monitoring Account

Day or night, call (972) 437-6773 to speak with a live dispatcher. Our call center agents will assist you with:

  • False alarms
  • Beeping alarm panels
  • Low-battery signals
  • “Trouble” on your display panel
  • Scheduling an alarm system service call

To speak with a live operator, call (972) 437-6773.

Conducting Fire Drills or Alarm System Tests

Occasionally you may want to perform a fire drill or perform maintenance that may result in the activation of your alarm system. To avoid a false alarm, you must first request that your alarm system be put into “Test” mode.

To temporarily put your alarm system on test, please have an authorized representative of your company call our alarm dispatch center at (972) 437-6773.

You’ll need the following information to put your system on test:

  • Account name
  • Pass Code
  • Start Time and End Time for your test

Please note that it may take several minutes to put your system into “Test” mode.

Making a Payment on Your Alarm Monitoring Account

You can pay your alarm monitoring invoice by check or major credit card. For billing questions or to make a credit card payment, please call (972) 699-3473.

Payments by check can be mailed to:

Richardson Fire Equipment
PO Box 835724
Richardson, TX 75083